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Friend's Only

Jun. 9th, 2011 | 09:38 am
background noise: Out of The Question-- Mumm-Ra

Comment to be added, usually I like a reason. But I'm not a meanie :) I'm purty nice.

If you just want to spy on my photos visit kierstin-happyphotos.blogspot.com 

There's music in my profile-- click on the pop out player to listen to what I'm listening to right now!

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from: happyfriday
date: Nov. 13th, 2006 06:03 pm (UTC)

Hi! I only vaguely remember leaving that comment, but I'm sure I did, I don't know why I find it so interesting to meet people with the same birthday.
It's sort of funny, I know Jessica from her livejournal basically. I really enjoy her photography but then one day at a library in-service (turns out we both work for the library) I saw her. It was the freakiest thing, I think we've only said like, half a dozen words to each other in person, but we still communicate via livejournal.

As for work, I most write. I write for a music website which I just found out is shutting down, but I also have a record-eagle blog you can check out at http://blogs.record-eagle.com/genwhy/category/on-the-homefront/
also, if you want to see some of my amatuer photography you can check out my profile http://happyfriday.livejournal.com/profile

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